Ok so you are looking for some help advertising your business and products on Google. Not a problem, we can definitely assist.

* * *

But before we go ahead and pick some words and come up with some ad copy, you really need to think about what your goals are. Is it:

  • To generate as much traffic as possible? This is a great strategy if you run a blog, media outlet, or social media account. We can find the right traffic at the right price.
  • To make sure you appear at the top of Google at particular moments? This is a great strategy if you are investing in above the line media. Rather than spending time and effort on SEO, we can setup bidding strategies to make sure when your TV ad runs, the Google ads are there ready to go. Great to track effectiveness of other channels as well.
  • To generate a ROI? This is the most common strategy for e-commerce based businesses. We can work with you to hit targets such as, for every $1 we spend on SEM, we generate $5 in revenue. It’s a bit of work initially to setup, but once it’s going, it’s really interesting to look for ways it can be optimised.

These are not the only strategies or techniques to get the most out of your Google advertising, but we are more than happy for you to Contact Us! and we can figure out how we can help.