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Don’t A/B Test Designs – Test Product Benefits

Everyone has read the case studies and the articles about how changing the colour of buttons, the layout of the page and other visual element can affect the result of your conversion and engagement rates.

We want to tell you to test something different – the features, the USP, the benefits of your product or service. The reason is because we recently have generated some of the best performing video content when we have taken this approach and it has also provided amazing returns for the client’s paid social advertising as well.

The Initial Content Planning

One of our clients had us shoot and create content for a product that they had previously never had a direct focus on. It was just as much an experiment for us as it was for them to see whether or not adding this product into the content mix would increase or take away engagement from the tried and tested content we regularly produce. 

We followed the same process as per usual: 

  • Identify the key personas and audience demographics that would be unique to the product, whilst staying as close as possible to the core audience of the brand
  • Identify what makes this product different from the competitors in the space and how it complements other products in the range that are currently on offer.
  • Create as many different headlines and captions/ad copy to be used as organic posts as well as when boosting or when the Facebook ad agencyruns them as dedicated ads.

With this information, we then managed to create 3 different videos for the product – each calling out one specific feature of the product. With budget considerations in mind, the boosting spend was divided it up to ensure that there was enough for each content piece to reach 1000 people a day with a frequency of 1. We also passed on our headline and description variations to the media buying team so they could take the winners and turn them into dedicated ads.

What We Did to Increase Engagement by 25%

Once we discovered which content was performing, we then gave it to the PPC Penguin and they then got to work and that’s where the real benefits came. They went through the following steps:

  • The 2 best performing video content pieces were taken and setup to be run as dedicated Facebook/Instagram ads. Nothing was changed in terms of the actual video.
  • The product feature that was being highlighted was rewritten into 3 different headline/description variations. So each video became 3 different ads. Nothing else was changed (eg. changing the button C2A, adding emojis, etc)
  • The audience profile was broken down into age buckets. This was due to the fact that we were not sure which demographic data was going to trigger the best response. So each headline variation had 3 age buckets inside the core audience. Nothing else was changed.

So in the end it was 3 videos * 3 ad copies * 3 demographics = 27 different ads. 

The results? The winning variation became the best performing ad overall for December 2022 – an incredible result considering this product had never ever been used as content in the feed or run as an advertisment previously. 

There were definitely some variations that didn’t work, but they were obviously paused to allow the winning variation to continue to absorb that budget and generate a positive result.

We were extremely happy with the results and shows that by investing in content and headlines – you can generate a positive result without having to invest a significant amount of budget.

If you want us to help your business generate similar results with our proven process, contact us at [email protected]