Don’t Build Your Content Team From Scratch…

We Already Have One

Starting from late 2019, CORSZA was established with the goal of creating content that converts for businesses in Australia.

Regardless of the platform, channel or type of media (text, graphics, video, podcasts, infographics, etc), our content has consistently delivered results with high engagement alongside sales and lead generation.

Everything is Content

Our team knows what each and every social media platform, network and video sharing website needs to have to generate the best result. 

So we do vertical and horizontal videos, infographics and animated GIFs and short form and long form content. 

Our content creators are versatile and adaptable, able to create content in a variety of formats and are able to tailor their content to fit the tone and style of any brand.

Content Marketing Agency FAQs

Where is your content creation agency based?

Our office is in Norwest, Bella Vista. The parking isn’t too bad, Frango’s Chicken is 5min walk, great coffee at GoodFella and we also have a dedicated podcasting space which also can double as a location to film product demonstration videos and case studies.

How content creators are there?

Currently it is just Ben full-time, but we have a team of freelance creatives based up and down the East Coast that allow us to create content anywhere in the country.

What content marketing do you specialise in?

We have predominately have created videos, graphics and ads for B2C companies, in particular the homewares, automotive and beauty industry. However, we have started to gain traction lately in the B2B space, in particular the financial services industry.

What about running paid ads like Google & Facebook?

We get this one a lot because many come to us, work with us to create some marketing content, but it doesn’t get seen. Our team does that the ability to run and manage paid marketing budgets across all the major advertising platforms to ensure what we make together gets viewed by as many as possible in your target audiences.

If I only had $1,000 budget, can you help us?

Another really popular question we get asked and the short answer is this yes. It probably won’t double your business in a month, but what it will enable us to do is experiment and see what content will work best to reach your marketing goals.

Can’t I just use ChatGPT to do all of this for me?

Yep, you can! In fact we use it quite a lot as well. However to get the most out of these AI content creation tools, you need the strategy and the ideas and the initial spark. That is something AI can’t do just yet (come ask us again in about 2yrs time)

Do you offer consulting or training for businesses so we can do it ourselves?

We actually have done this in the past with great success. It is not something we do often, but if you are interested, fill out the form and we can definitely talk about it.