We are a content creation agency that turns ideas into profits. We believe that creativity without strategy is of little value, and that the most effective content is based on deep insights into human psychology and motivation.

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Don’t build your content team from scratch,

We Already Have One

Starting late 2019 after spending over 10 years working for some of the larger organisations in the country, Ben started CORSZA with the goal of providing high quality marketing strategies and content creation services in a format and structure that enables businesses of any size to grow and get results.

After surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, Ben relocated to the United Kingdom to continue to grow and expand the reach of the company. What this has enabled is a team that is constantly working and servicing clients across the globe and timezones.

The team prides itself on its availability and the options of being able to take on any project literally at anytime. We recognise that to succeed you need to keep up, especially since the advancement of technology in the marketing space never sleeps.

Why Choose us as Your Digital Marketing Consultancy?

We Create & Execute Marketing Plans

Our team of experienced strategist and content creators have a deep understanding of how to create engaging and effective digital marketing campaigns. 

Our track record of success in creating content that drives traffic, leads, and sales for their clients can be seen in our case studies.

We Have Content Analysts and Writers (and AI)

Our content creators work along with our skilled researchers and analysts who are able to create well-written, informative, and interesting content that resonates with audiences. They have the ability to distill complex topics into easy-to-understand language and can craft compelling stories that capture the attention of readers of your blog, newsletter or any other means of written comms.

We Adapt Our Strategies & Content to the Platforms

Our team knows what each and every social media platform, network and video sharing website needs to have to generate the best result. 

So we do vertical and horizontal videos, infographics and animated GIFs and short form and long form content. 

Our content creators are versatile and adaptable, able to create content in a variety of formats and are able to tailor their content to fit the tone and style of any brand.

Strategic Approach to Content Marketing

We always take a strategic approach to content marketing – working with clients to identify their goals and objectives, target audience, and key performance indicators. 

Once we have that, we then develop a comprehensive content marketing plan that aligns with these objectives and includes a mix of tactics and strategies to achieve success.

Cost Effective Strategies

We understand that content budgets are difficult to allocate, so we offer competitive pricing for their content marketing services. We optimise for efficiency, so our flexible pricing options, including hourly rates and project-based fees, to ensure that clients can choose the pricing structure that best fits their needs and budget.