Vertical B2B Videos on Linkedin, Yes/no?

The background to this post is found on a previous writeup where we talked about our own B2B marketing efforts, so it might be worth reading that first for context. The nice thing is that didn’t prevent the team at IgnytSEO reaching out to us to create a series of vertical videos for their client Pherrus Accounting.

The premise was that the SEO team are constantly creating great articles that generate search engine traffic. However, they realised that there is no reason why those blog posts couldn’t be remixed as 30second videos (sound familiar?). The interesting puzzle to solve was will the videos actually perform as well as the written posts in terms of generating traffic?

So the brief required us to create a handful of 30second vertical videos that are based on the latest blog posts, run the videos just on LinkedIn, and monitor and evaluate the results. We were of course nervous because of how we have done B2B previously, but everyone had full trust in us because they know the quality of our videos and were ready to take the punt.

Oh and in terms of an example, here is one of the posts:

Ready for the result?

The Results of Vertical Video on LinkedIn

Let’s start with the good news before we get to the bad news. We won’t share specific numbers for this one, we will just compare the video performance to the non-video posts as percentage increase/decrease.

Good News

  • Vertical Video posts received 50% more organic impressions compared to the usual blog post/header image posts. This wasn’t a huge surprise due to the fact we all know that every social platform prioritises video content over any other type. So if your business is purely looking for reach and impressions – vertical videos on LinkedIn is for you.
  • Reactions/Likes/Engagement rates were about the same as the non-video posts as well. We don’t really have a huge and insightful comment to make about this, so onto the next one.

The Not-so-Bad News & what we learnt

The sub-heading is clunky but it is the best way to sum up what we learnt from doing B2B vertical videos. Out of the series of videos that were approved and published, half the videos had a CTR to the website was significantly higher than any other post. However, the other 50% was actually lower than the non-video posts.

Don’t worry – we are not getting out the “content is king” drum to start ramming marketing rhetoric down everyone’s throat, that’s what LinkedIn is for… 😉

The obvious thing to do next was then is to compare the video to the standard text/image post of the same content. When we did that, it was roughly the same, so in this case it wasn’t so much the medium, but the message.

So in this particular case what video did was generate more reach, that is almost a given for any video online at this point. Couple that with content that resonates with people at the point they are ready for it, and the CTR definitely gets a nice boost compared to the typical post.

If you are looking to generate similar results with your blog post content, reach out to us at [email protected] and we would love to run the same project for your business!