How We Drove Traffic from Facebook to Doors Plus With Video

> 200% Increase

Switching from Photos to Video

Total traffic was the highest in the history of the company when switching to video Facebook Ads

50% Cheaper CPCs

More People for Less Money

Due to the engagement & audience targeting, Facebook rewarded us with reduced CPC

Product Insights

We Know What Works

By running tests, we know exactly what products respond to which demographics

Maintained Conversion

Generating Positive ROAS

Even with all these increases, the conversion rate stayed the same

What Was the Secret to the Success?

Here are some of the key takeaways we learnt from working with Doors Plus

Create Video Content - Not Text or Photo

By replacing every single ad with a video instead of other forms, the change in engagement and ad performance gave us a huge lift without changing any other part of the account setup.

Test Audiences Until They Perform

Whilst you might think you know what audience will respond to the right message, experimenting with interests and demographic profiles can open your products up and give you more insights.

Kill Underperforming Ads ASAP

You don't know which videos will work straight away, so as soon as some videos were not meeting the benchmarks, we stopped them to funnel budget into those that were performing.

Use Different Ads for Remarketing

To get the best results from re-marketing, make sure the video ads are created and scripted with that in mind to get the best performance.

How We Can Do the Same for Your Business

Our content creation and ad management process can help deliver results for you as well

Content & Ad Audit

We firstly take stock of what you content you already have and how it performs currently.

2hr Strategy Session

This is about how to maximise what you already have and what needs to be created. We then set KPIs and start getting to work

Monitor & Evaluate

The Test&Learn approach is critical here to make sure what we are doing is getting the results that are expected and adjusting creative and audiences until it works.

We Can Create Anything

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