3 Content Marketing Processes We Use Daily

Planning a vertical video content creation project in our Sydney studio

We never claim to have the answers at CORSZA, but what we do is non-stop experiments and tests so we are constantly learning. So that even if something doesn’t work – we at least learn something new along the way. So here are 3 processes we use to get a results.

Try Every Type of Content on Every Type of Platform

We all know the basic principle: content marketing is about creating content that resonates with your target audience and is designed to engage and inform them. Anyone (even an AI robot) can tell you that.

The other thing that is always mentioned is that budget and time are limited. If you know of any businesses that have unlimited time and budget – please get them to contact us ASAP 😉

So our strategy is to give everything a go at least once – but prioritise it based on the industry and the product you are servicing. So whilst it will involve creating content across a variety of platforms such as blogs, videos, and social media posts – don’t do it all at once. 

To be even more helpful this is our priority list:

  • Video – the number one piece of content that works is social videos, but it is also the most expensive.
  • Blogs/Newsletter – for B2B clients this is actually our first step, but for all others, this is our next favourite. The best bit about this one is that you have direct content when you have an email address and blog posts are great for SEO and social content
  • Photography – For fashion and other lifestyle brands, this would be our first choice, but for everyone else we push it a bit further down due to the fact that photos don’t perform as well as they used to.

So basically we take this, start from most important to least important and put different pieces out and figure what works the best. Simple strategies work the best.

Automate Your Content Marketing Plan & Calendar

It’s important to create a content marketing plan that outlines your goals and objectives for success. The number one thing that influencers have figured out that some brands struggle with is to have a content creation day to make it all, then schedule everything in one of the many social content scheduling tools available and then get cracking on the next month.

What works great for us is:

  • Content Analyst gets to work identifying keywords and trends that are happening in the market and noting them down and sharing for businesses to choose.
  • Keep some extra time aside if something major happens in the month for “emergancy content”
  • Get everything approved script, location and copy wise so when you hand it over, everyone knows exactly what is happening.
  • Schedule it all and move onto the next month.

Let the Content Be Seen With Some Media Spend

Unfortunately for all of us, organic reach only gets so you far before it runs out of steam – unless it has gone viral for whatever reason. For the majority of the content though – that doesn’t happen – so what that leaves you with is having to boost the content in order to have it seen.

It is for this exact reason that even in our content marketing budgets, we leave room in them to spend some additional cash on boosting. There is no point spending all this time and effort if no one sees the content we created. It actually goes back to the point we made at the start that we always want to be learning about what works and what doesn’t, and that takes time and money.

If you are interested in having us walk through our whole content marketing process, please reach out to the team today!