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4 Things We Get asked as a Content Creation Company

If you are currently shopping around to have a team help you create content for social media, we thought we would help you out and give you one less video call to attend by answering the questions we get asked on a regular basis. So we will share the questions we get and the answers we give here and obviously if you want to know more, you can always contact us directly at [email protected]

How much Should I spend on Content?

We feel we get this question a lot because traditional marketing budgets are centred around business-as-usual (BAU) advertising spend and dedicated campaign spend for the bigger end of town – very rarely people come to us and say we have X-amount for content already allocated.

For the SME’s, we find their budgets are already stretched to the limit because they want to spend the majority of the budget on getting people to see the assets they have (which makes complete sense).

So our recommendation is that you allocate a test budget of a small amount (anywhere from 500-2500) on creating enough content for one month of blog posts and social media and see how it goes. It all doesn’t have to be the highest quality initially, but the content has to provide some clear value.

Once you have run those content pieces online, check the data and from that we can evaluate exactly what your content spend should be per month.

I already Have Content – Why Do I Need more?

This is our favourite question to answer, because most businesses have lots of content. They have a website already, they have sales processes, they have customer support notes, they have brochures and other traditional marketing materials and probably a share drive or cloud storage filled with bits and pieces that have never been looked at in years.

There is also the most valuable content of all – the brains of their staff.

So we answer that question very easily, we take all of these sources and perform a content audit. We take EVERYTHING you have and put it into a process where we convert it into assets that social media platforms and digital channels want (blog posts, carousels, infographics, vertical videos) and give it back to you ready to share.

Because we are not creating anything from scratch we can turn these around really quickly at a cost-effective rate so you can get the best return on your spend.

I Tried Posting Regularly and Never got anything from it!

(yes we know this isn’t a question but you get the point)

Yep – we hear you, it happens to the best us. However this is why we take time to evaluate what you have posted and check the data and numbers around each post. Posting for the sake of posting isn’t the same as having a dedicated strategy and technique to ensure that the posts are doing what you need them to do.

When you work with us, we definitely don’t want to make the same mistake so we check over all data and try to understand why things didn’t work and what we need to adapt to make sure your posts get the traction they deserve.

This is the “strategy” bit that sounds a bit fluffy but actually super important when it comes to delivering a result.

Does Everything Have to be a video?

Short answer: Yes – video is the number one type of consumed media in the world right now.

Long answer: Yes, but you don’t have to make them all at once and straight away. We love starting with blog posts first, because that ticks the Google/SEO box and the cheapest content to make. We then love doing carousels and infographics because they also perform well on social platforms and once again much cheaper than video.

If the content performs well as a blog post and then as a social post, we definitely recommend making a video out of them. And there are two types of videos to make:

  • From Your Phone – The cheapest way is to get your phone setup in a quite and well light room and just talk directly into the camera.
  • Professional video – This is where you get the videographers to come in and light and organise everything correctly and get the audio just right so you look and sound the best you possibly can.

So there you go – if you want to take the next step and book a discovery call with us you can at the bottom of this page, or email us direct at [email protected]