Disposable or Professional Content – What Do You Do?

You have heard all the tropes that preach “Content is King” & “Write for Humans and not Bots.” In the next breath, many of those in the digital industry (and we are guilty of this too) tell you to post frequently and regularly. So for businesses with limited budgets – what should they do? Create cheap filler/disposable content, or go all in professionally shot and edited reels that could potentially win a Canne award.

When to Choose Disposable?

You might be wondering why we are choosing to use the term disposable rather than cheap or amateur. From our perspective, we have evidence from the campaigns that we run that an extremely small percentage of social users remember the ads and content they see. So in order to appease the algorithm, scheduling content that puts your brand inside someone’s feed regularly that meets the minimum requirements of your brand standards and guidelines and gives you the frequency your budget allows is a great compromise that has worked well for our clients.

The other key reason why disposable content works is that once you build up a bank of assets (say 20-30) you can repackage them between your hero and evergreen pieces. If you look for it, you will notice brands that do this regularly – it just might require a little bit more concentrating when you are thumbing through your feed 😊

When to Choose Professional?

So when we say professional we mean that you use real cameras, real lights, real presenters/actors, a dedicated written script (AI or human scripted – doesn’t matter). This also doesn’t mean that we are saying that if you film it on a phone it isn’t professional. All we are suggesting is that you take the principles, techniques and ideas presented across film and TV and apply it to your social content.

We recommend this specific type of content for the big things: new product launches, company announcements, rebrands – anything were you really want to make a splash. When you add that extra little bit of effort, you will immediately stand out because it will be completely unique in look and feel to every other phone created piece of content.

So Which Gets More Engagement?

We are going with the cop-out answer here – it really depends. The only reason we are taking the easy way out is that if you are the type of business that requires every time someone opens their phone, they see an ad or a post for you – 80% disposable content mixed with 20% high quality would be the way to go.

If you are the type of business that needs to make a big huge splash every time you post – go less frequent but of higher quality, that could be the strategy that works best for you. So why don’t you book a discovery call with us today to help create a content plan that meets your needs.