Kanye in 2001 Understood Content Better Than Anyone

It has been a couple of months since the Kanye West documentary “Jeen-yuhs” was aired on Netflix. Lots has been written about the piece, but not many fully understood what businesses can learn from without even having to watch it.

The simple fact is that the young and determined Kanye West of the early 2000s had the foresight to understand documenting himself as an artist would be key to success. You also cannot discount the cinematopher Coodie Simmons took a massive gamble himself, highlighting the need to find like minded individuals when it comes to any venture. 

Coupling those two elements together – someone with a vision and the desire for success, along with someone to create the content along the way – is a simple formula any business can start to apply today. We have the technology today that Simmons didn’t when he first started which shows it’s not about the gear but the story you are telling.

Content creation is now table stakes for all businesses of any size. So if you have staff that can create in between work, you can outsource the editing to someone. If you have creators and editors and just need someone to post, you can hire virtual assistants or outsource to someone else. 

Or if you just need someone to give you ideas on what to create and you go off and do it, we can help you out there as well.

In fact why don’t you just contact us about our content marketing services and we can see how we can Kanye-ify your business.