Real Estate Content Marketing

We know as a real estate agent, your time is valuable and you want to spend it focusing on your clients and closing deals, not worrying about content creation.

That’s where we come in.

Our real estate content marketing service takes care of everything for you – from videos of your property listings to agent branding videos, social media images, scheduling, and everything in between. Plus, we offer flat-rate pricing, so you know exactly what you’re paying, with no surprises or hidden fees, regardless of how many pieces of content we create.

How Our Real Estate Video Marketing Service Works

Our real estate content marketing service is designed to be easy, convenient, and stress-free for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Gather Information: All we need from you is the basic information about the properties you want to feature and a little bit of your time to film your agent branding video.
  2. Expert Photography and Videography: Our team of expert photographers and videographers will handle the rest, creating high-quality videos and images that showcase the best features of each property and establish you as a local area expert.
  3. Social Media Scheduling: We’ll take care of the scheduling and uploading to all major social media networks, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.
  4. Paid Promotion: We then take all this content we create and then run it as ads across all the relevant platforms to ensure as many people as possible see the ads.

Our Secret Sauce

If you book in a free 30min discovery call with us, we will share our exclusive real estate market strategy that comes free for any client of CORSZA. So enquire and find out more today!