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Online Courses & Workshops Where we Show You All the Tricks of the Trade

Tired of Trying to Learn Digital Marketing Skills by Yourself?

The team from CORSZA is now offering digital marketing and content creation courses. We allow you to learn from our team's years of expertise running client campaigns and calendars. In fact, the same techniques we outline in our programs is exactly the same process we run through with our clientele. Basically, we are showing you how we make our sausages.

Small Sessions

We know in order to get the most out of the session and ensure you have responses to your specific questions, our workshops have a maximum number of 5 participants.

Industry Specific Groups

Ensure the advice and course program matches what appeals to you by gathering like-minded people together and we will adapt the course to your specific industry.

Real World Examples

It is not just theory - we will show you exactly what we create, how we share it, and how we evaluate whether or not it was effective.

Interactive Sessions

No one likes being lectured, so we make sure we give everyone ample opportunity to ask questions before, during and after each session.

Our Online Workshops & Courses

Digital Marketing With $1000 Budget

In our experience the number one challenge small businesses and independent creators face is how to stretch their marketing dollars as far as possible. In this 2hr session we will provide you with insights, ideas and an action plan on how to take that $1000 and use it to generate the best possible return on your marketing effort.

The Content Creation Toolkit

With so many different devices, apps, and ways to make content, it can be overwhelming. In this workshop, we will show you how even with so-called amatuer apps and online tools you can create content quickly that look professional and allow you to understand what works best for yourself and your business.

From Idea to Website to Ads in 4hrs

In this fully interactive session, what someone on our team take a business or startup idea and create a logo, landing page, and a couple of ads in just 4hrs. What this will give you is an insight as to how we work, how we create it with mostly free and cheap online tools and apps, and how to create an ad campaign that will gauge how interested the market is in your idea.

The Journey from Ad to Sale

There are many different ways to optimise your marketing spend and efforts. In this 2hr workshop, we look at each part of the online journey and provide you ways to determine what you should be optimising and what changes need to be made in order to get a better result. It will cover ad creative, landing pages and data analysis.

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