Remove 3sec views From Your Engagement Reports

This is more of a public service announcement post for everyone – agencies and businesses alike – when it comes to interpreting and optimising your paid social media campaigns on Facebook & Instagram.

Whenever you choose to run video ads or boost an organic video post on Facebook and Instagram AND you choose to optimise for post engagements because you want to capture more of what already has worked organically for you – you will end up seeing something like this:

Notice the numbers

As you can see this particular post received 945 engagements which seems like a great result… Until you scroll further down and see that 927 of them were 3second video plays – not so great a result.

How Do You Properly Evaluate Your Engagements?

To prevent these numbers from skewing your data, we setup custom reports for any engagement campaigns we run. We also double check that any software or automation tools that are being used by the client or ourselves (for the larger campaigns where it is not possible to monitor 100s of posts per month) are setup to not include 3 second page views as part of it’s algorithms evaluations as to whether a post is performing well or not.

If you are a business that logs into the regular Facebook Business manager, ensure that you create and save a custom report with these options checked:

Notice we leave off “post engagement”

It is a little bit more work and you might have to add a SUM column to your spreadsheet or tool to get a rounded up number, but you will have better, cleaner and useful data from just taking those few extra minutes to set up reporting.

We explain this to our clients regularly and will now use this post as a point of reference for any further questions about it. If you want to work with a team that pays attention to the details when it comes to running and optimising paid social media campaigns, email us at [email protected] or subscribe to our email newsletter.