We Halved CPCs on Google & Facebook With A/S/L

We are really excited about this post because we took something from the start of the Internet (the OGs will remember ICQ and the standard question of every chat room) and used it to take both client campaigns and our own CORSZA ad campaigns CPCs down by at least 50%.

So we will now show you exactly every step that we took for both our Google Ads campaigns and our Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns, and then share the results we have got to date (we have to hide a few details from the client ones, but it will be enough to get the point).

There is only one catch to get this to work effectively, you need a budget of at least $200 per day because we are going to be hunting for people.

Set Your Age, Sex, & Location Only For Ads

When you go to create your Facebook campaigns and ad sets, when it comes to the profile targeting, only set the 3 key attributes: your target audience age, sex and location. If you want to break it up for A/B Testing or other specific requirements feel free, but don’t pick anything else like “mums” or “DIY experts” etc – that is all redundant for this particular strategy. Please don’t get too niche with the breakdowns because that will only dilute the budget – you need to keep the budget as big as possible.

For Google, I would recommend probably just leaving it at location, because we are using a Dynamic Ad campaign here and it gets a bit funny when it comes to specific targeting. So just worry about location for Google and picking the Dynamic Ads option

The Ad Creative

This is where we have to split it out for Google and Facebook

  • Google Dynamic Ads Creative – Tell it to take all the content on your website and use it to create dynamic headlines etc, and if there is any particular product or service or URL you want to exclude for business reasons – you can go ahead and do that.
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads Creative – For this, upload ads that appeal to a particular audience (eg. mums) and highlight a key feature or benefit. Also, just having a funny creative works well here because we are looking for those that engage. Once again, don’t upload too many ads to the ad set because we don’t want to dilute budget.

All we are doing here is basically telling the ad platforms to take the content on your website or the content they uploaded and put it in front of as many people as possible. The secret sauce comes in the next step, which actually needs to be completed first before you press play.

Make Sure Your Tracking is Working For Remarketing

So work with your web developer with this step. Ensure that your Google Pixels and Meta Pixel are setup correctly and firing events. The reason is we are looking for engagers to remarket to. So for each creative in Facebook you want to put anyone that likes/comments/shares/clicks/etc straight into that audience.

For Google, for anyone that clicks and visits a specific URL, put them in an audience to ready to go.

Here is where your budget is going to make a difference. The bigger it is, the faster those audiences get filled. The good thing is that because you are so broad and generic with the targeting, the CPMs shouldn’t be that much.

Hit the Engagers with Your Sales Ads

Here is now you get the returns you are looking for. Once you have the engagers and the website visitors stored in the Pixels, you can then create another campaign with your sales message that is specific to that product or service. The theory is because they are already engaged, that will be more likely to interact. Also, because the funnel is so broad up the top, there will constantly be new engagers coming in.

We think it is working so well because we are not allowing algorithms to decide who is in the particular audience. By targeting everyone, and waiting for people to click or engage, we are getting direct feedback from them – a more highly qualified signal. And with the constant criticism of highly invasive targeting, we think this is a better way of doing things.

The Results from this CPC Strategy

So a couple of bullet points we can share:

  • For our own CORSZA Google Ads campaigns, we have got the lowest CPCs we have got from any keyword campaign of about $5AUD for terms such as: “content creation agency”, “marketing agency”, “digital marketing”, etc. It has also allowed us to pick up traffic for words that don’t really appear in the keyword tool or things we don’t necessarily promote actively which has been a nice surprise.
  • For a client in the B2B/financial space, their CPCs using Keyword bidding and non dynamic options was around the $12-17AUD range. With this new dynamic ads campaign, these reduced by more than 50% in one week. The conversion rate has dipped slightly due to probably a lot more redundant traffic and people not quite in the right stage of the purchase process, however the impressions and website traffic has increased and the client wants us to keep going with the strategy – which we think is a great idea.
  • For a client in the FMCG sector, we have seen really big audience size growth that we can market to. The one trick in particular that helped was having a funny and unique piece of content that was not sales-y at all, but has been great in getting engagement which has given us a whole new cohort of people to sell to.

So if you are looking for us to get this setup for your business, we would be more than happy to help out! You can book a discovery call with us or email [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.