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Podcast Studio Hire In Sydney

Our podcasting studio in Norwest/Bella Vista in Western Sydney is now ready for hire not just for our clients, but anyone who is looking to start an audio or video podcast.

The Equipment We Use To Record Podcasts

Red Komodo 6k used in Western Sydney podcast studio

RED Komodo 6K

Our hero camera is Netflix-certified and used to shoot feature films.

Panasonci Lumix S5 used for corporate podcast recordign

Lumix S5 (x2)

We have 2 cameras used for close-ups and product demonstrations.

Rode NTG5 Microphone

Rode NTG5

The perfect shotgun microphone to capture you and your guest’s thoughts

Zhiyun lighting used in Sdyney podcasting space

Zhiyun Lighting

The smallest and brightest lights, perfect to give even cover

Studio Only

$100 per hour

Your choice of background

No operator provided

Refreshments provided

Studio + Operator

$200 per hour

Your choice of background

One camera operator

Refreshments provided

Want to Start a Podcast but Don’t Know How?

We offer complete podcast production in Sydney, beginning to end, to both businesses and individuals who want to grow their brand.

The Corsza Sydney Podcast Studio

Elevate Your Podcast in Sydney: Captivate Audiences, Conquer Marketing Goals

In the bustling realm of Sydney business, cutting through the noise with just another blog post or social media ad is tough. Really tough!

Podcasts, however, are the breakout stars of content marketing, offering a direct line to engaged ears and influential minds. As a leading Sydney content marketing agency, we are all-in for podcasting.

But launching a podcast that soars above the average and ignites your brand like a harbour fireworks display? That’s where we come in.

We’re not just a Sydney podcast studio (though we are the best 😉)– we’re your audio alchemy lab, transforming raw ideas into potent episodes that hypnotize listeners and catapult your business to new heights.

Here’s how we’ll turn your podcast dream into reality…

Our Sydney Podcast Recording Process

Pre-Production Polish:

Concept Choreography

Forget fumbling for themes. We’ll uncover your unique podcast DNA, crafting a concept that resonates with your target audience like a boomerang to a boomerang enthusiast.

Content Cadence

No more content calendar chaos. We’ll structure your episode flow, ensuring consistent delivery that keeps your listeners eagerly awaiting the next drop.

Guest Guru Guidance

Need industry heavyweights to grace your mic? We’ll help you score stellar guests who add star power and amplify your message.

Production Prowess:

Studio Serenity

Our soundproof Sydney haven is your oasis from the city’s roar. State-of-the-art equipment and a relaxed ambience guarantee crystal-clear recordings that soothe the ears and stir the soul.

Technical Tango

From microphones to mixing boards, we’re the audio alchemists. We’ll master your audio with the finesse of a Michelin-starred chef, shaping raw tracks into sonic masterpieces.

Visual Vibrancy

Forget just audio. We’ll transform your podcast into a visual feast, creating captivating video snippets for social media that hooks viewers instantly!

Post-Production Panache:

Editing Enchantment

We’ll wield the digital scissors with surgical precision, tightening pacing, enhancing flow, and weaving your episodes into compelling narratives that leave listeners enthralled.

Distribution Dynamo

We’ll blast your podcast into the digital stratosphere, ensuring you can make it available on every major platform, from Apple Podcasts to Spotify and beyond.

Marketing Maestro

We’re not just Sydney podcast producers, we’re marketing magicians. We’ll craft a targeted promotion strategy, utilizing social media, paid advertising, and strategic partnerships to get your podcast heard by the right ears.

Podcasting Statistics Don’t Lie

  • 42% of Aussie podcast listeners tune in on YouTube, meaning video snippets are podcast gold.
  • 30% of podcasts are 20-40 minutes long, making them perfect for busy professionals on the go.
  • Australia has overtaken the US as the biggest podcast-listening nation, presenting a massive audience hungry for fresh, engaging content.
Red Komodo Camera in the Sydney Podcasting Studio

The BIG Difference When You Hire Our Sydney Podcast Studio

Ditch the grainy, amateur look of recording your company podcast on an iPhone – elevate your company podcast to cinematic heights with the Red Komodo. This isn’t just a camera upgrade, it’s a game-changer.


  • Stunning visuals: Crisp 6K resolution that showcases your team, location, and products in breathtaking detail. No more pixelated faces or washed-out colours – your podcast becomes a feast for the eyes.
  • Hollywood-style depth: The Komodo’s cinematic sensor creates a shallow depth of field, blurring backgrounds and focusing attention on your speakers. It’s an instant professional polish that says “We mean business.”
  • Low-light mastery: Forget shaky, shadowy recordings. The Komodo captures stunning footage even in dimly lit environments, ensuring every interview and set piece shines.
  • Creative flexibility: Shoot in stunning slow motion or capture high-speed action with ease. The Komodo’s versatility lets you experiment with cinematic techniques and add visual flair to your podcast.
  • Increased audience engagement: High-quality visuals boost viewer retention and make your podcast stand out in a crowded space. People are drawn to beauty – give them a reason to stay hooked.

Investing in a podcast shot on a Red Komodo isn’t just about fancy tech; it’s about creating a podcast that reflects your brand’s professionalism and commitment to excellence.

It’s the difference between a home movie and a blockbuster – and your audience will notice. So, ready to make your podcast the talk of the town? Engage our services of our podcast production team and you will get the benefits of having a Red Komodo elevate your vision and show the world what your company is truly made of.

Podcast Studio Hire In Sydney – We’ve got you covered!

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