We Create Social Media Content For Companies

Everyone knows and reads that content is important to grow your business organically online. The problem is that no business has the time or the resources to run a proper content marketing strategy.

That is why when you work with CORSZA, you have access to a team of people that generate ideas, write the blog posts, film and produce the 30second vertical videos for social media and evaluate their effectiveness each month.







How We Work

To keep it as simple as possible, there are no retainers or lock in commitments. We focus on project work with all our clients intially and based on the success and options, it can grow from there.

  1. Set Objectives – The first thing we want to do is understand what you are aiming for. This determines the strategy and how we can work together. Most businesses we have worked with want of the following
    • More Followers
    • More Signups
    • More Sales
    • Bigger Reach
  2. Content Audit – Most of the time businesses are sitting on a treasure trove of content, it just isn’t in a format that works on any of the major social platforms, or even uploaded to the website in the first place. Our job it to figure out what we have and how it can be used.
  3. Audience Targeting– Once we have all your content, we have to tailor it to your audience. We have a short session to identify who you want to talk to and what do you want to say to them. 
  4. Get to Work – This is now were we take over and start creating and remixing your existing content and posting it online. We track the performance so we report back.

Why Your Business Should be Creating Videos

  1. Increased attention: Vertical videos have been shown to capture people’s attention more effectively than landscape videos. According to a study by Hubspot, vertical videos have a 68% higher completion rate compared to landscape videos.
  2. Better recall: Vertical videos have also been shown to have better recall rates compared to landscape videos. For example, a study by Snapchat found that vertical video ads were more memorable, with up to 70% of viewers being able to recall the ad message.
  3. Higher click-through rates: Vertical videos are also more effective at driving clicks and conversions compared to landscape videos. A study by AdWeek found that vertical videos had a higher click-through rate of 9.6% compared to landscape videos, which had a click-through rate of 4.9%.
  4. Increased social media engagement: Vertical videos are particularly effective on social media platforms, where they can drive higher levels of engagement and interaction. For example, a study by AdWeek found that vertical videos on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat had a higher engagement rate compared to landscape videos.
  5. Rising popularity: The trend of using vertical videos is on the rise, with an increasing number of businesses and marketers adopting this format. A study by Animoto found that the use of vertical video increased by 25% between 2018 and 2019.

If you are ready to start making video content, contact us at [email protected]