Just Start Making Short-form Videos

There is only one way at the moment for your business to get maximum reach and that is with short-form video. The reason is that with TikTok setting the trend, the rest of the networks followed. However, with the ongoing discussions around the platform there are multiple platforms ready to pounce and take their place.

I am not sure if you noticed outside your business life, but in many friends and family group chats I am in, the number one piece of media that gets shared in those chats are TikToks/Reels/Shorts. Obviously they aren’t sharing ads, but the smart businesses have figured out how to disguise product and sales messages into something that is interesting enough to be shared.

How to Get Started

  1. Allocate Some Experimental Budget: If you’re new to short-form video marketing, allocate a small portion of your marketing budget to a test campaign – we would recommend $1,000 to make a handful of videos and then $1,000 for boosting. Trust us that is enough to get a result.
  2. Define Your Goals: Are you looking to increase brand awareness, drive conversions, or engage with your target audience? Once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, you can create videos that are tailored to your specific goals.
  3. Choose Your Platform: There are a variety of platforms available for sharing short-form videos, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Consider your target audience and which platform is most likely to reach them effectively. The wrong answer is to do all of them at once. Pick one, get the results, and based off that try another one.
  4. Make Them Interesting: We always recommend some kind of humour, even if your brand isn’t known for it. So the easiest way to do that is show a common mistake or problem in your space and exaggerate it to comical levels. Then show the solution. Make sure you do it in that specific order for maximum impact. If you need help, you know who to contact 🧐

Here are two completely different extremes in budget, but it makes the point.

  1. Red Bull: Red Bull is a great example of a brand that has successfully used short-form video marketing to build brand awareness and engagement. Their “Red Bull Stratos” campaign, which included a short-form video of a skydiver breaking the sound barrier, went viral and helped establish Red Bull as a leader in extreme sports.
  2. Warby Parker: Warby Parker is another brand that has successfully used short-form video marketing to drive conversions. Their “Home Try-On” campaign, which included short-form videos of customers trying on glasses at home, helped increase sales and build brand loyalty.

We Can Make Short-Form Videos for You

If this is all too complicated or time-consuming, don’t worry, we can help. We have made hundreds of videos for businesses across the globe and are more than happy to help you get the results you need.