Recruitment & HR Video Production 

Recruitment & HR Video Production 

Captivate Candidates, Close Contracts

Video Production In Sydney Studio

Recruitment Videos that Convert

As a class-leading Sydney video production agency, we specialise in recruitment and HR video production for companies that want to thrive – it’s that simple.

The Challenge:

  • Talent pool’s gone murky? Traditional recruitment feels like fishing with a rusty hook.
  • Boring job descriptions sending snoozes, not resumes? Time to ditch the text, ignite some video zest!
  • Did you know? 85% of candidates say video ads make them more likely to apply. Boom!

The Solution:

  • We’re your video recruiting alchemists, turning flat ads into gold-mine talent magnets.
  • Storytelling superpowers? Yep, we’ve got ’em. Connect with candidates on a human level and make ’em fall in love with your company culture.
  • From concept to capture, we handle it all – scriptwriting, filming, editing, polishing. You just sit back, and watch the talent roll in.

Our Recruitment Videos Provide Results

Results that Roar: Forget Buzzwords, See Numbers

  • +58% candidate engagement: Our videos grab attention, not yawns. Watch applications skyrocket.
  • -25% time-to-hire: Cut the recruiting chase. Land your A-team faster with captivating storytelling.
  • Employer brand on fire: Show, don’t tell. Our videos paint your company culture as a vibrant, diverse haven.
  • Diversity goals smashed: Attract talent from all walks with authentic, inclusive video narratives.
  • Candidate experience? Stellar. Smooth onboarding starts with a video introduction that leaves them impressed.

Worried about budgets and timelines? Relax. We offer flexible packages and lightning-fast production, turning concepts into candidate magnets in days, not weeks.

Authenticity craving? We’re storytellers, not robots. Your company’s unique voice rings loud and clear in every frame.

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Attract Top Talent: recruitment and HR video production

Forget dull corporate videos that gather dust. Ignite your brand story with cinematic recruitment and HR video production that resonates with visionary executives, attract top talent, and drive success.

Your company’s narrative is a powerful differentiator. We’re not just videographers, we’re storytelling alchemists, transforming vision into compelling visual experiences that transcend traditional communications.

No more dense jargon or stale scripts. We delve deep to understand your leadership ethos, strategic goals, and audience aspirations. Then, we weave them into captivating narratives that grab attention, spark engagement, and inspire action.


  • Executives commanding the screen, their vision coming alive with cinematic elegance.
  • Potential recruits enthralled by your company culture, eager to join your journey.
  • Stakeholders nodding in agreement, deeply connected to your message.

In the video age, silence equals obscurity. Let’s enhance your brand’s voice.

We offer:

  • Strategic storytelling: We dissect your goals and craft narratives that resonate with your specific audience.
  • Cinematic execution: Forget shaky phone footage. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and expert crews to deliver Hollywood-quality productions.
  • Authentic narratives: Your story, your voice, amplified. We capture your unique culture and leadership style with unflinching authenticity.
  • Measurable impact: We track engagement, brand perception, and talent acquisition, proving the power of video storytelling.

Elevate your corporate presence with video that’s as visionary as your leadership.

Don’t blend in, stand out.

Contact us today and let’s craft a video masterpiece that catapults your brand to the forefront.

How Can You Use Video For HR & recruitment?

Ditch text-heavy job descriptions and static websites – it’s time to unlock the power of video! Here’s how recruitment and HR video production can supercharge your HR and recruitment game:

1. Company Culture Reels:
  • Benefits: Showcase your vibrant workplace, team spirit, and perks, attracting talent drawn to your values.
  • Example: Capture team activities, employee testimonials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, painting a genuine picture of your company’s DNA.
2. Executive & Leader Spotlights:
  • Benefits: Build trust and credibility by humanizing leadership, and showcasing their vision and passion.
  • Example: Feature executives sharing their career journeys, offering advice, and connecting with potential employees on a personal level.
3. Job-Specific Video Ads:
  • Benefits: Highlight specific roles and responsibilities, and attract qualified candidates by bringing the job to life.
  • Example: Show a day in the life of employees in the role, featuring their tasks, challenges, and achievements, sparking genuine interest.
4. Employee Testimonials:
  • Benefits: Boost authenticity and trust by letting current employees share their positive experiences.
  • Example: Capture diverse voices celebrating company culture, career growth, and work-life balance, resonating with potential candidates.
5. Onboarding & Training Videos:
  • Benefits: Streamline onboarding, boost knowledge retention, and create a positive first impression.
  • Example: Craft engaging introductions to company policies, benefits, and team members, making new hires feel welcomed and informed.
Content creation team for Fintech company

Content Symphony: Attract, Engage, Convert with Corsza’s Multi-Instrument Magic

Your brand’s voice deserves more than a solo act. Corsza is a content orchestra, harmonizing diverse services to help you attract, engage, and convert like never before.

Beyond Video Magic:

  • Podcast production: Ignite thought leadership, spark conversations, and reach niche audiences with captivating audio storytelling. Think of captivating interviews, industry insights, and engaging discussions.
  • Webinar production: Edutain your audience, showcase expertise, and generate leads with interactive online presentations. From product demos to live Q&As, we craft webinars that captivate and convert.
  • Social media content creation: Nurture leads, build loyalty, and share valuable updates with beautifully designed and strategically crafted email campaigns. Stay top-of-mind and drive engagement with every message.

Why Corsza’s Your Harmony Partner:

  • Creative Chameleons: We adapt to your brand’s unique voice and tailor each service to your specific goals.
  • Data-Driven Maestro: We track results, refine strategies, and ensure your content hits the right notes every time.
  • Seamless Collaboration: We’re your one-stop content shop, handling everything from concept to publication with a single point of contact.

Ready to ditch the content cacophony and create a symphony of success? Let Corsza orchestrate your recruitment and HR video production, amplify your brand, and watch your audience rise to a standing ovation. Contact us today, and let’s compose your content masterpiece!

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