We are an independent studio based in Sydney, specialising in turning smart ideas into exciting new products, one pixel at a time.

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We take technology and use it to make things easier, here is how:

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Understanding the Problem

We sit down with your team to work through the exact problem you are trying to solve, and then figure out how to match the appropriate technology to the problem..

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Build the Solution

From defining the personas, sketching and building MVPs, to run user testing workshops and launch betas, we work through the whole process.

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The Marketing Plan

Whether it is marketing the tool internally to your employees and key stake holders, or going to market with paid advertising campaigns, we will work through with you the KPIs, ROAS and creative to make sure the product has the greatest success.

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  • The Fore-front of Design & Technology

    We are language agnostic, so it isn't really about what the latest and greatest is - we use our expertise to find the right technology for the right product.

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  • Multi-Purpose User Centric Design

    There is always more than one type of person/user for any product. We will spend the time with you to define and fully understand your personas before we even put finger to keyboard.

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Smart Assistant Apps We are ready to help!

With Google Home already launched in Australia & Alexa arriving in February, & who knows about Apple's HomePod - we have been working preparing a suite of apps for all industries.

From the birth of the idea, all the way through the development of the product, CORSZA will deliver and then allow you to take on the market.

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