Proof Facebook Ads Can Work for Car Dealerships

Lately we have noticed that dealerships are looking to get people back into the dealerships, now that stock and other previous issues are now returning to their previous levels. It’s because of this that we wanted to share how Facebook ads and classifieds are a proven, cost effective way to drive people to your website – which will then result in calls, test drives and other enquiries.

Do This Before Running Facebook & Instagram Ads

When we work with our dealership clients we have a set way of working that needs to be addressed before we spend any money whatsoever:

  • Ensure that your website tracking (such as Google Analytics) is setup correctly so that you can track which pages people are looking at, when they tap click to call and submit enquiry forms.
  • Check with your call tracking provider that you have dedicated virtual numbers setup to ensure you know which calls are sales/service/general enquiries. This is important to work out the return on your investment
  • Work with your team to realise that not every lead that comes from the Internet is warm/hot/ready to buy. Sure there are platforms and websites that send you those – but you are paying for the privilege. This strategy is about volume and converting enquiries into leads.
  • Ensure your vehicle feed is up-to-date, with photos (very important) and that is Facebook friendly. Without this part, the whole strategy doesn’t work.

How We Deliver Clicks for Cents (Not Dollars)

Once we have all the above setup, we can start to work getting all the plumbing setup. We are focused on ensuring that not a single cent is wasted and the vehicle ads we are running are generating a positive return. This is the bit that you don’t have to worry about but is the grunt work behind the scenes:

  • We ensure we only target your PMA (don’t want to get in trouble from your ASM)
  • We break down your vehicles into classes (seems straight forward but you will be surprised how many accounts we see mixing PV & CV together)
  • Create our audience based on your PMA and the vehicle type (believe it or not, not everyone wants a SUV)
  • Set the right budget limits – this is critical because managing this is the secret of keeping the costs down.

What Results do our Facebook & Instagram Ads Get?

There is a pay off from all of this hard work. As you can see from above, we have managed to get clicks off Facebook and Instagram for under $1.00 consistently, regardless of the vehicle type and what PMA we are targeting.

What this means that if 3000 people come to your website, 10% would likely enquire/call about a vehicle (so that is 300 calls). If you look at the total spend and divide it by the number of calls, that means each phone call enquiry cost you $7-8.

From that, you know what your call to order-form to delivery ratio is, but you could potentially safely assume that you would sell approximately 10-15 vehicles with a good team and processes in place.

We challenge all our dealers and those that we work with to find a better return on their investment and ad spend, because we can’t.

If you would like CORSZA to help you generate more enquiries for your dealership, fill out the form below or email us directly at [email protected]