We Turned $10,000 into $101,000 – Here’s How

Everyone in Australia knows that End of Financial Year (EOFY) Sales is a big deal is one of the best times to get a good deal. Retailers & E-commerce stores also know that this is one of the months where people are primed and ready to spend, especially if there is a deal to be had.

So whilst in this case-study we can’t share super specific details publicly – we do have permission if you book a one-on-one conversation with our team.

The parts we can share are the following:

  • The client runs an e-commerce store that stocks hundreds of products in the wellness space.
  • Whilst they do have physical locations, the vast majority of the sales results came from their online store.
  • Google Ads (in particular performance max campaigns) was the primary driver of sales (80% plus), but it was boosted with other channels typically used in the e-commerce space.

How We Spent $10,000

This is probably the most important part, because typically with Google Ads you don’t really need a piece of “content” (photos/videos/etc) to run campaigns – it is all keyword and text based ads right?


Now with Performance Max campaigns, video and your YouTube channels are just as important as Google will place ads across all their properties to generate the best possible return. So if you don’t have images and videos, there is a good chance you are missing out on some key optimisation opportunities for your Performance Max campaigns.

The Video Content

This is a mockup (not exact replica) of how the video was styled

So in this particular case, we kept it extremely simple and we followed the most common rule in business – 80/20. We spent $2,000 on creating a series of short 30-60second product demonstration videos that were uploaded to the Youtube channel to receive organic traffic, as well as being attached to the performance campaign to line up with the Google Shopping Feed.

The video was not anything fancy at all, just a plain background and simple text overlays with a product expert explaining the features and benefits of using the product, along with some basic tips. CORSZA shot, edited and got these all sorted in time for the campaign launch.

The Google Advertising Strategy

The remaining 80% of the budget was all media spend on Google (and associated costs) in order to give the content the best possible chance to be seen and do the job. This content was not going to be a tree that falls in the forest.

This was both a mixture of traditional keyword based bidding, performance max and traditional Google shopping. The budget allowed us to play around and experiment to see what was delivering the best ROAS possible.

Some key things we learned:

  • Don’t be afraid to alter budgets and shift it around until you find something that works. We have been working with this client since the beginning of the year and all the learnings from running Google Ads/PPC campaigns culminated into getting the best possible return for this particular month. You can see this in the chart how we were working to a specific goal.
  • Competitors really affect CPCs – there was a significant jump in competitor activity (for obvious reasons), so as a content/marketing agency you have to be on top of this and work with the client and the team to make sure you don’t get left behind.

Video Content + Google Ads – It Works

What we are taking away from this e-commerce client is that when you allocate your budget correctly and have a clear strategy in place, creating video content that can be used to support your keyword based PPC campaigns leads to a great result.

It’s easy to do the maths and see that the client got a 10x return on their spend for the given month, which surprisingly a bit lower than normal (we made it back up in volume).

If you would like us to work out a video content & Google Ads strategy for your e-commerce business, we would love to help you out! You can book a discovery session below, or you can email us direct at [email protected]