Add 1 of These Techniques For Better Content

So you have your idea, you bounced the idea around the office to get some initial feedback and it was good. Great! Now take some of these little suggestions to give your content the best chance at making an impact online.

Make Sure the Story is an Adventure

Confusing headline, we know, but what we mean is make sure there is a beginning, a middle and an end. There is a trend at the moment just to bullet point everything – on social in particular – but if you can follow this tried and tested method it will keep people’s attentions because we all want closure.

Use a True to Life Example

No one likes watching ads or being sold to directly. So if you can find a customer or employee or anyone really that has had a positive experience with your brand or product – get them in front of a camera ASAP. This is content is gold because nothing performs better than honesty.

Try Your Best to Make it Funny

We know not all products and services are fun by nature, or your content creation team might not be staffed full of comedians, but if you can at least make people smirk or smile that will definitely add to the chances that your content will be shared.

Finish With Something that Stirs Emotion

Positive emotions always tend to work best, so try some of these:

  • Surprise – give your readers/viewers a reward with a nice twist at the end to get them either to read/watch more, or take some kind of action (swipe up, follow, etc)
  • Inspire – Give them the feeling of empowerment through your product or service, assuring them it will set them on the right path. Obviously – don’t make any crazy claims here that you can’t back up.
  • Warm and Fuzzy – If it matches up to what you are doing, having someone watch something and know it was worth their time and also gave them a pick me up is great for your brand.

So there are just a few quick tips! If you would like some help coming up with ideas, our team of content analysts and videographers can take you through these steps with your content creations.