The Fastest Way to Test Social Ads for Your Business

One thing that we get constantly asked is how do we figure out exactly how much time, money and effort it would take to see if advertising on social platforms will work for a specific business or industry. We don’t necessarily like this question because if there was a quick and easy solution – everyone would already be doing it.

However, we do understand the pressure to get returns as quickly as possible, so now thanks to the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT, we have come up with a plan of attack that specifically will do what businesses need without having to commit to a full on content creation strategy or big advertising campaign.

Create 2 Video Ads

This step is not the easiest, but the simplest one to understand. Here are the specifics:

  1. Pick ONE product or service only (this is due to budget constraints), ideally one with good margin, to feature in your ad. Don’t pick your overall business either – that is too broad. For example, if you are a financial advisor, pick “retirement planning” or “property investing” and not generic financial advice.
  2. It doesn’t matter whether a human or a AI robot writes it, but create a 30second script with the first sentence being a question that is then answered within the 30seconds, finishing with a call to action to contact you to find out more. ChatGPT does these well, just play around with the prompts for a bit.
  3. After you have finished that script, write another script ABOUT THE SAME PRODUCT/SERVICE – but in a different style, maybe more fun and light hearted rather than professional (once again – ChatGPT is great at this), and ideally pick out another benefit that is different to the one you used in the original ad.
  4. Then setup in a quiet room with a big window for natural light on the left or right hand side of you so you can film yourself with your phone reading the script. Film each ad at least twice, from 2 different angles so you can keep attention when you edit on your phone. If that is too hard to do, don’t worry, just do it once but keep it really punchy and speak quickly.
  5. Play around with some editing on your phone, or ask a friend/workmate/family member to jazz it up a little bit, just don’t go overboard.

Post Then Boost

That is the hardest part is now done, all you have to do is post and put some budget aside. Follow these specific steps next.

  1. Pick your platform of choice (only one – once again for budget reasons). So if you want to test Instagram, just do that (don’t even add Facebook), or LinkedIn, or TikTok – it doesn’t really matter too much (well it does, but there are other blog posts we have written about this – we are keeping it ultra simple here). Don’t post them both at once, do it about 24hrs apart.
  2. After 24hrs, you should be able to check your stats and see how they have gone. Now don’t worry about the actual amount of people or the size of your following, what we are most interested in is the percentage of your followers that liked/comment/shared/engaged with the post. So if you have 100 followers, and you got about 5-10 interactions – that’s great, we can work with that. If you don’t, then you might have to go back to the previous step and work on your creative. Or… you could reach out to us and we can help 😉
  3. Assuming you got some good feedback, this is were we are going to have to dip into our piggy bank and boost it with a decent amount of money – I am talking about a few hundred of whatever currency you work in per post. The reason is we want to get results and indicators as quickly as possible. We can only do that if you pay the platforms and pay them well. The bigger the budget, the more reach and the more sure you can be that advertising will work for you. Lots of people want to cheap out here and not put the right amount of money behind, but in our experience, you really need a few thousand people looking at the post to get any kind of response from the algorithm.
  4. All major platforms offer a way to boost posts with money, so just search for the steps, but if you have the app on your phone already, you can do it fairly easily.
  5. When it comes to picking the audience and location – this is why we wanted to be super specific. The closer your audience and the ads line up – the better the response. So make sure you pick the right age group and locations – if you don’t service the whole country, just pick your local area plus about 20km is our recommendation.

Evaluate the Results

This technique will not quadruple your revenue and it probably want give you a huge amount of leads. But what it will show you is whether or not a particular platform will work for you. And if all of this just seems way to time consuming and tricky to manage whilst you are doing everything else in a given day – we do campaigns like this all the time for people. So reach out to us and book a discovery call to find out how we can figure out how advertising on social platforms can help your business.