Pinterest Has Country Specific Trends Data

Trends data is not something we use often due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to find a trend, create the piece of content, post it and react all whilst the trend is currently happening. Even for us with a dedicated studio space and equipment it is a struggle. That’s why Pinterest’s new trends data is interesting because all you require is still photography or any graphic element that you might have already on your social account, website or hard drives.

Pinterest Trends Homepage

Here are 3 of the most important points about this data set:

  • Country Specific Data – Make sure you select the country that you want to focus on because not all trends are the same globally. It’s especially awesome for Aussies because we have data specific to us.
  • Different Trend Types – its not just what is trending at the moment, but also monthly/yearly and even seasonally with is particularly important for e-commerce.
  • Demographics – We know that Pinterest skews primarily female but the other filters can give you a pretty good idea of your niche to target.

How We Are Going to Use This Tool

Let’s take you through step-by-step how we are going to use this tool.  Assume we are a homewares store and want to consider promoting our home office range. We would put the following filters on the tool.


Ok from this we can see that there is a trend over the last year for home offices, which is understandable, but interesting to see that in the last month or so there is a slight downturn. Lets see if we can get more information.


Ok when we click small home offices we see there is a trend still going up, but there is some interesting drops every so often. Considering the trend has stabilised, if we already didn’t have a dedicated board for our home office range, we probably should to capture this. 

So here is where we go through and find all the imagery we have anywhere in our company and pick the best 10-20 shots to build your board, including the keywords that are mentioned above. This is probably going to take an hour or so to find the data, and hour or so to post and tag correctly, and then you can monitor it over the next few days and make the necessary data changes to make sure you are capturing as much of this audience as possible. 

Then you just rinse and repeat this as often as you can.