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Social Media Vertical Video Production in our content creation studio

Short-form content creation has become a potent tool, particularly with the remarkable reach you can get compared to other post formats. As a leading Sydney vertical video content creation agency, we are ready to help you take advantage of this unique form of media.

Tik-Tok is booming with a potential ad reach of 1.218 billion users aged 18 and above!

If you’re aiming to expand your audience, boost sales, and establish your authority in your niche, investing in short-form content creation is the best thing to do to reach your goal – and we are here to help.

We are urging all our existing and new potential clients to evaluate the potential of short-form content marketing – regardless of whether or not you are already producing video content.

The easiest way to determine whether or not you should be producing short-form video content is to log into your social media platform of choice, look at some of your competitors and industry experts in your niche and ask this simple question:

“Are they producing vertical video content?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then we can definitely help.

How We Work With You to Produce Videos

We are a highly experienced Sydney video production agency so we are happy to guide you through a unique pathway to provide you with the best results.

We’ll team up to create a plan that suits you best, based on your goals and existing content.

Firstly, you don’t have to worry about creating the content – we do it all for you. We take all your existing content from multiple sources (whether it is long-form videos, text-based content, or presentations/training manuals) and write new snappy, vertical short-form video scripts that we will send for your approval.

If you have dedicated marketing resources or staff that are content creators – that is fine as well! Our expert team can work with them throughout the journey, providing valuable tips and tricks to enhance your skills and make your videos stand out.

And if you see a mixture of the two ways of working, then we can do that as well – book in a discovery call and we would love to talk it through.

Once we’ve got our ways of working covered, we will go ahead and start building out the content calendar, organise shoot dates if required, and create a shared folder for you to start filling with your existing long-form video content.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s create some amazing content together, book a discovery call by hitting the button below.

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Planning a vertical video content creation project in our Sydney studio

Forget FOMO, Embrace Vertical Video: Why Your Sydney Biz Needs It Now

Short-form ain’t just a fad, Sydney – it’s a revolution redefining how audiences engage. In a city buzzing with attention spans shorter than a macchiato, vertical video is the secret weapon to break through the noise and captivate customers.

How much should you spend on content? – We get asked that all the time, so we have written this post that should help you make an informed decision.

But hey, why take our word for it? Let’s unpack the “why” for your specific industry:

E-commerce Emporium

52% of shoppers research products on TikTok! Picture showcasing your dazzling duds in micro-bursts of style, driving online sales faster than a Harbour Bridge express train. Think try-on hauls gone viral, product demos that shimmer brighter than Bondi Beach, and micro-influencers raving about your brand to their engaged communities. Boom – instant customer connection, carts overflowing with your treasures. Booyah!

Retail Rockstars

56% of consumers say video increases their confidence to purchase online. Ditch the static product pages and let vertical video do the talking. Think close-ups that highlight every stitch and detail, 360° product rotations that let customers virtually hold your offerings and customer testimonials that build trust like brick-and-mortar walls. Boom – hesitant scrollers become confident buyers.

Tech Titans

67% of B2B decision-makers watch explainer videos when evaluating solutions. Ditch the snooze-fest presentations and let vertical video do the talking. Think bite-sized demos showcasing your tech’s brilliance, animated explainer videos that simplify the complex, and customer testimonials that build trust faster than a lightning strike. Complex solutions become crystal clear, conversions climb higher – check!

The Why is Crystal Clear

  • Attention spans are goldfish-esque – 8 seconds to hook ’em, or lose ’em! Vertical video’s lightning-fast format is tailor-made for today’s mobile-first world.
  • Engagement goes stratospheric – vertical videos get 90% higher completion rates than horizontal ones. That’s like having a captive audience hanging onto your every product feature!
  • Reach for the stars – TikTok alone boasts over 1.2 billion users, with 60% outside of Asia. This isn’t just Sydney, it’s a global stage waiting for your brand to showcase its wares.

Ready to ditch the yawn-inducing content and embrace the vertical video revolution? We’re the Sydney social media content creation agency that you can rely on!

Let’s chat and ignite your business with the power of bite-sized brilliance.